I have been looking around our town and found that we are very lucky to live in a town with low crime, over 300 days of sunshine, mild winters, lots of Golf Courses, surrounded by State and National Parks, outdoor trails, museums, culture and the best about El Paso is always the friendly welcome from everyone.

Because El Paso is an international destination, what everyone has in common is the fact that everyone is from somewhere else so that makes us all welcome here, the more the merrier!

We also have a very rich inventory of affordable homes ranging from less than $100,000 to over $1,000,000.

We can welcome visitors through our beautiful downtown Plaza, our malls like the Farah  Fountains, outdoor free concerts, wineries, choices of restaurants, internationally renowned cliff hanging at Waco Tanks, star glazing there as well. There is a lot to do. Let's not forget that El Paso hosts the largest land Army base in the world with over 40,000 military member strong called Fort Bliss. We love our Troops! Texas also loves our veterans by offering 100 % disabled veterans the advantage of paying NO property taxes which makes the homes affordability very good!

Make sure to download the app "Visit El Paso" for more details on our lovely town and what to do or pick up a copy of 

What's Up,  a newspaper filled with entertainment.

Happy SunCity International living!

Cathy Few, Broker/Owner, ACT Realty 915-309-3817